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Issue 1 August 1994 - Global Inroads to Value and Diversification, Filipinas: Idyllic Tropical Getaway, A Summer Beauty Tip, Vietnam: The Next Frontier, Splendid China: Florida's Newest Themed Attraction, C.T. Hsu: Architect, Japanese Fondue, Understanding Acupuncture
Issue 2 November 1994 - Wendy Chioji: News Anchor, Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood, Growing Oriental Vegetables, Japanese Homeland Revisited, Bali: Paradise In Indonesia, Oriental Daytime Makeup, Narrowing The Trade Gap In Japan, Art: Southeast Asian Treasures, Tai Chi Chuan
Issue 3 April 1995 - The Year Of The Boar, Singapore: Tapestry of Asia, Asian Dream In America, Feng Shui: Creating Harmony And Balance, Carl Leu: Breaking New Ground In Banking, The Wonderful World Of Water Gardens, Pui Chan: Kung Fu Legend, The Incredible Edible Noodle, Of Artists and Artistry: On The Oriental Face
Issue 4 July/August 1995 - Roland Corpus: Finding Room At The Top, How To Enter The Indian Market, Jahja Ling: Music Director and Conductor, In Search Of Roots: An Odyssey To The People's Republic Of China, Rediscover Thailand, Chinese Arts, Tea: The Miracle Brew, Little China By San Francisco Bay, Lanna Apisukh: Gymnast
Issue 5 September/October 1995 - Pat Williams: On Parenting An Asian Child, Management Primer: Principles To Improve The Performance Of Small Businesses, Oriental Fashions: The Dress Culture Of 8 Chinese Nationalities, A Village In The Clouds, Rediscover Hong Kong, Refugee's Road: Profile On Vietnamese Artist Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, The Morikami Museum, Getting To Know Sushi, Robert R. Ripley of Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Issue 6 Winter 1995 - Carlos J. Valdez: Philippine Ambassador, Making Money Through Your Minority Status, Who Are Asian-Americans, Reflections On A Summer Weekend: A Vietnamese Reunion, Korea: Land Of The Morning Calm, A World Of Orchids, The Domesticated Banana, Toshihiro Sahara: Artist, Discover Zhen
Issue 7 Spring 1996 - John Naisbitt: On Asian Megatrends, Who Are Asian-Americans Part 2, Exotic Asian Fruits, Home Sweet High, A View Of Kathmandu In Nepal, Ainu: The Vanishing Race In Japan, Vietnam, Inc.: Now Open For Business, Philippine Costumes
Issue 8 Summer 1996 - Doing Business In Indonesia: Paradisal Islands Of Prosperity, My Life As A Gaijin, Koi: The Japanese Warrior Fish, Special Issue: On Asian Arts, Beyond Bali: Discover Java, Bonsai, Nature's Miniature Trees, Hinduism: Religion Of India, Mongolia, The Bhudda And The Khan
Issue 9 January/February 1997 - Loida Nicolas Lewis: Standing Tall, HHCP Design International American Entrepeneurs In Asia, Philippines 2000: Getting Ready For Global Business, Sri Lanka: In The Land Of The Serendib, Davao City: A New Era Of Growth, Ethnic Weaving: A Vanishing Folk Art, Bhuddism: The Gentle Breakaway, Asian Pilgrimage Of Christianity, Rice: The Amazing Grain
Issue 10 Summer 1997 - Mapping A Business Strategy, Bhutan: A Country On The Roof Of The World, Confucianism, High In The Himalayas, Japan: A Premier Travel Destination, Tapping The Asian Market On The Internet, Martial Arts, Cambodia, Heaven On Wheels, Transporting Money, Ryokan: Traditional Japanese Inns, Qing Ming Jie: China's Pure Brightness Festivals, Ginseng, Bean Sprouts

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